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Uganda Writers Forum is an interactive site for Ugandan Writers and the world. Hosted by Uganda Vision Resource Centre, our purpose is to bring Ugandan Writers together, write together and be able to effectively market Uganda to the outside world.

The world wants to know more about Uganda the Pearl of Africa, its beauty, adventures, cultures and social life. It is only the Uganda’s writers who can provide this information. Also outside there, thousands of World Companies and Websites want to publish about Uganda, but there are very few writers who can provide this information, yet these companies and websites are paying good incentives for the writers.

For our esteemed Uganda readers, this is an opportunity for you to get all the information you need, from one place and in its best quality.

To our esteemed guests who want to visit Uganda, this is the place where you can get the information that will help you to decide where to go. Uganda Offers the best Adventure Destinations in Africa. Read the blogs bellow for your best Adventure travels and Rewarding Volunteer destinations in Uganda.

PARTNERSHIP: Working with everyone is how we express our gratitude. Uganda Writers Forum brings together a community that makes a difference when given the opportunity. To amplify the impact of our work, we have developed long term partnerships with communities, National and International bodies whose mission is to further writing sustainability, and social and economic development. Our cause for writing is intended to raise many families that need to get out of poverty. Working together, we have a lot to give.

WRITING: Writing is our passion. We write to educate, inform and entertain which in many countries are the building blocks of emerging democracies. We know that quality of life and quality of information go hand in hand. When an author loves their publications, flavor potential is optimized. If their writing provides enough money for food, clothing and shelter, access to education and health care, the writer will love their publications. And quality of life will translate into great information flavor.

Uganda Writers Forum is an interactive site for the writers in Uganda. Hosted by Uganda Vision Resource Centre, Uganda Writers Forum is a home for all writers, whether you write books, novels, articles, news letters, magazines, daily news papers, freelance writer, you are all welcome and this is the right place for you to be.

Our areas of interest for writers include;

  • Travel and Adventure
  • People and Culture
  • Art, Music and Design
  • Education Development
  • Agriculture and Production
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sex education, Sexuality and Family
  • Money and Business
  • Human Rights and people obligations
  • Environment and Natural Resources

Feel free to share with us your experience on the writing journey.  Your witting can change the world.

OUR READERS: Our readers are in two categories; the home readers (Ugandans) want to read and know more concerning their country something very important for our day today business and living. International readers are interested to know more about Uganda, the pearl of Africa. To know about Ugandan good people, their cultures and traditions, they want to know the beauty of Uganda based in its nature destinations, want to know Uganda’s past, present and the future.

Our hope is that this site is able to meet the needs of all readers who visit it. We hope that our writers are committed to providing the needed information in the best quality and in a satisfying manner.

Note to our International Readers: Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is also the part of the continent Africa with shocking contrasts; On one side you have millions of people living below the poverty line, working and waiting eagerly to get out of the misery, and on the other you’ll find striking landscapes, nature destinations and historical sites with a culture that goes back more than 5000 years.

Visiting Uganda, you have infinite opportunities for social work and personal exploration in in the country. Uganda is an exclusive safari destination from other African countries because of its large forested area with Afro-montane forest, Lowland rain forest and their openness gives you a stunning sight of the forest creatures like gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, butterflies and birds.

If you go through the Country’s National parks and game reserves, you are likely to encounter safari favorites like Lions, Gorillas, leopard, buffalo, elephant, giraffe and other several varieties of animals not found anywhere in Africa. Uganda is naturally gifted with water bodies such as lakes, rivers and several crater lakes. The existence of such water bodies facilitates a moderately wet climate, with the countryside greener and fertile compared to the semi-desert areas of Africa. Around these water bodies are diverse bird species not easily found anywhere in Africa especially the rare shoebill and the papyrus gonolek.

Uganda is your home for travel/adventure and voluntary social services. We have received thousands of volunteers who have done an amazing work in the Country’s communities; the country has also received millions of adventure guests, and i believe all have gone back with their needs satisfied.

Volunteering in Uganda is a fantastic opportunity for students, high school graduates as well as professionals to reach for a world beyond their horizon. You will experience Uganda first hand and share the experiences life has taught you, while immersing into one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. It is an adventure, a challenge, an investment in your future.

We will be excited to hear from you, send us an email at programs@uvrcug.org, volunteers@uvrcug.

SOME OF THE WORLD COMPANIES AND WEBSITES THAT PAY WRITERS: These companies and websites pay writers par article you give to them if they accept to publish your articles. Most of them pay between $50 to $200 per article. A few of them pay up to $1000. Contact them through the links given here, and start engaging them;

Leaving Work Behind: http://leavingworkbehind.com/your-story/

Funds for Writers: http://fundsforwriters.com/submissions/

Brazen Careerist: http://www.brazen.com/write-for-brazen/

Writers Weekly: http://writersweekly.com/writersweekly-com-writers-guidelines

Listverse: http://listverse.com/write-get-paid/

Back to College: http://www.back2college.com/guide.htm

The Travel Writer’s Life: http://www.greatescapepublishing.com/writers-guidelines/

Viator Travel Blog: http://travelblog.viator.com/contact-viator/write-for-us/

BootsnAll: http://www.bootsnall.com/writers.shtml

Make a Living Writing: http://www.makealivingwriting.com/why-i-pay-writers/

Smashing Magazine: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/

Sex, Etc.: http://sexetc.org/apply-to-write/

The Change Agent: http://changeagent.nelrc.org/write-for-us/

Matador Network: http://matadornetwork.com/content/contributors-and-job-applicants/

Perceptive Travel: http://www.perceptivetravel.com/guidelines.html

Minnesota Parents: http://www.minnesotaparent.com/contribute

Travel and Leisure: http://www.travelandleisure.com/contact

Ashtray Blog: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/write-for-the-ashtray-blog

HowlRound: http://howlround.com/participate

IWA Wine Blog: http://blog.iwawine.com/iwa-contributor-guidelines/

Earth Island Journal: http://www.earthisland.org/journal/index.php/guidelines/

Wow! Women on Writing: http://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php

Today’s Parent: http://www.todaysparent.com/contact-us/

Piedmont Parent: http://www.piedmontparent.com/PP/About-Us/Contact-Us/

ACHS: https://www.achs.edu/guest-blog-achs

MedHatter: http://medhatter.sg/

New West: http://newwest.net/main/article/writers_guidelines/

Go Galavanting: http://gogalavanting.com/submissions/

Perceptive Travel: http://www.perceptivetravel.com/guidelines.html

Note: Upon your request we shall sent you a printable copy of more than 100 Companies and Websites. Wishing you success on the writing Journey.


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